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BPS Dentures

If you've lost a few teeth and don't need a whole set of false ones, partial dentures are what you need. BPS or "Bio-functional Prosthetic System" partial dentures were designed to combine advanced technology and materials with proven techniques, resulting in dentures with the best aesthetics, function and form. These are considered the best solution to tooth loss, providing patients with optimum function while laughing, speaking or eating.

While traditional partial dentures are a good option for functionality and comfort, anyone seeking more natural-looking, accurate restorations may want to consider BPS dentures. Top-quality materials are used to resist staining, chipping and wear. Measurements of your jaw and face will be used to create a personalized denture that will suit your individual needs and looks.

The BPS system comes with a large number of benefits including natural appearance, less chair time, fewer adjustments, chewing ability, ultimate comfort and fit. You can smile, talk and eat with confidence with your BPS dentures. If you're in need of partial dentures, you should definitely consider BPS dentures for superior esthetics, greater durability, better function and improved comfort. Keep in mind that BPS dentures can only be fabricated by certified dental technicians. For more information make sure you contact a licensed dentist in your area.