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Oral Maxillo Facial Surgery

Maxillofacial Prosthetics is a sub branch of Prosthodontics that involves replacing the patients with defects present at the time of birth or acquired because of trauma and disease. Prostheses are often needed to replace missing areas of bone or tissue and restore oral functions such as swallowing, speech, and chewing. In other instances, prosthesis of the face or body may be indicated for cosmetic and psychosocial reasons.

Prosthetic devices may also be created to position or shield facial structures during radiation therapy. Maxillofacial prosthesis basically involves replacing the facial structures like ear, nose, face, eyes and oral structures lost due to disease or absent since birth. Maxillofacial prosthesis involves multidisciplinary approach that involves joint effort between oral surgeons, prosthodontist and oncosurgeon. Children born with defects of palate (cleft lip and palate) are also treated with maxillofacial prosthesis.